Introducing Jeffery, and a New Contest That Will Take You Around the World!

by Megan Neal on January 27th, 2012

It’s not easy to get the general public to pay attention to birds. It’s really not easy to get someone to pay attention to a bird that’s thousands of miles away, which most people living outside of the Philippines will never see.  The Philippine Eagle isn’t in zoos or bird shows.  You can’t get your photo taken while standing next to the world’s largest and most endangered eagle without a long flight into Manila first.

Staff at the Houston Zoo hope they have found a solution.  Through the clever use of a very handsome sock puppet, the Philippine Eagle is being brought to Houstonians, Twitter, Facebook and several blogs near you (like this one).

Jeffrey at the Alamo

Jeffrey at the Alamo

We’d like to introduce you to Jeffery and his cause.  Raising a thousand dollars for Philippine Eagle conservation is amazing, but the possibility created by raising a thousand voices for this cause is staggering.

What if you tell a friend about this puppet and what he stands for, and she tells her cousin? What if that cousin tells all his friends and somewhere down the line, through the power of social connections, people begin talking, minds start to change, legislation is passed, ecotourism enriches the country, habitats are saved along with the human lives that depend on them, and the 52,177 species in the Philippines, our favorite eagle included, flourish?

It’s a very serious thing, the welfare of a biodiversity hotspot like the Philippines, but let’s try using humor and a puppet to get the word out.

You can’t save the eagle without saving its habitat, and Jeffery is here to make people want to save the Philippine Eagle, whether they ever get to see one in person or not.

Jeffrey and some contest swag

Jeffrey and some contest swag

On Monday, January 30th at 10 AM, the Houston Zoo’s blog will begin hosting an online contest starring Jeffery the Traveling Puppet. Participation is going to be a blast, and if you win, there’s some awesome bird and eagle swag in it for you.  Along the way, you’ll learn enough about the Philippine Eagle and the Philippine Eagle Foundation to make you want to tell a friend.

Follow the  contest on Jeffrey’s Facebook page.