Connecting with Teens about Art and the Environment

by Jeepney Projects on February 28th, 2012

Last Sunday, David spoke to a group of teens who are part of the Teen Art Connect program at The Contemporary Jewish Museum. The artist talk was connected to David’s participation in the current exhibit Do Not Destroy:Trees, Art, and Jewish Thought. Below is a wonderful message from Leah Greenberg, Teen Programs Coordinator at the museum.

Hi David,
Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic experience for the teens on Sunday. I haven’t gotten to speak to them yet, but I could tell from their focus, responses, and involvement that they were fully engaged and connected. It was so valuable for all of us to learn about the personal and environmental stories behind your beautiful artwork. I really appreciate the thought, time, and energy you put into preparing and facilitating the workshop for the Teen Art Connect interns and their friends.

Thanks again and again,

Teen Art Connect Workshop1
Teen Art Connect Workshop2
Teen Art Connect Workshop3
Teen Art Connect Workshop4
Teen Art Connect Workshop5
Teen Art Connect Workshop6