Art for Conservation

About JPW

Jeepney Projects Worldwide (JPW) partners with regional conservation groups to support and help threatened and endangered birds.

Our aim is to celebrate these birds and raise global awareness of their conservation needs through exhibitions featuring original work by artist and JPW co-founder, David Tomb. Additionally, we raise targeted conservation funds for these birds through sales of fine art prints. Each project advocates for a particular species and the habitat that it represents. JPW hopes to inspire people to learn more about these unique and irreplaceable creatures, and find solutions to prevent their demise. As a birding enthusiast, David Tomb is at the forefront of this endeavor. Our current projects include supporting conservation groups working on behalf of the Philippine Eagle, Mexico’s Tufted Jay and Horned Guan, and Ghana’s amazing Picathartes.

The jeepney is a fitting mascot for us. We admire how a utilitarian vehicle has been transformed into a symbol of artful resilience.

David Tomb
Peter Barto
Howard Flax
Ian Austin
Julie Blankenship
Michael Park