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Borneo Oil Palm Plantations: Contributing to the Demise of Bio-diversity

by Ian Austin on April 5th, 2013

The majestic scenery and rich wildlife we saw in Borneo’s primary rainforest were in stark and numbing contrast with the endless expanse of palm oil plantations that encircle them. During many hours of driving we passed hundreds of miles of row upon endless row of oil palms, of forest being stripped bare and drained to plant more palms. On observing palms along the Kinabatangan river banks, we learned that the river “forest” is somewhat of an illusion… More…

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Jeepney Gives a Fig!

by Peter Barto on March 26th, 2013

While journeying through the Malaysian state of Sabah in northern Borneo, we ended up at the Kinabatangan Jungle Camp, located hard by its cappuccino-colored namesake river. This area is Ground Zero for an incredibly diverse and abundant gathering of wildlife, including seven species of primate, incredible birds of all shapes and colors, and so much more. Helping to build up riverside habitat for the native fauna, the Camp is planting tree seedlings… More…

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Bound for Borneo!

by Jeepney Projects on February 1st, 2013

Always the most exciting of moments – the anticipation of upcoming adventure! Jeepney Projects Worldwide will be heading off to mysterious Borneo at the end of February for two weeks of exploration in the north of that island. We will move through the great forests, mountains and rivers of the Malaysian state of Sabah, on the lookout for such amazing creatures as the… More…

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Rich Stallcup, Co-founder of Point Reyes Bird Observatory

by David Tomb on January 9th, 2013

The death of Rich Stallcup last month deserves a special post as he was a great friend and mentor to me. I first saw Rich at the compilation dinner at the 1973 Point Reyes Christmas Bird Count. I remember that it was a rainy and moody night and Rich was, of course, the master of ceremonies. As he went through the bird list of the count and got to the rarities – he did so in dramatic fashion… More…

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Ecolodge: The Concept Emerges

by Jeepney Projects on October 20th, 2012

Architect Craig Steely has a vision for a Philippine Eagle Reserve Ecolodge. Each prefabricated pod is supported on a single pier foundation with supporting guy wires. This allows each pod the flexibility to locate on any topography as well as the ability to relocate if required. The top prism has a fabric roof with screen walls, the lower prism is translucent corrugated with locally reclaimed wood walls… More…

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Philippine Photo Favorites: Part 2 – On the Road

by Jeepney Projects on September 9th, 2012

Here we continue Ian’s photographic journal of his favorite images, from the hundreds of photos he took on the Jeepney Projects trip to the Philippines last year. In part two of we see the many forms of transportation they enjoyed that made the trip a journey… More…

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Philippine Photo Favorites: Part 1 – The Eagle

by Jeepney Projects on August 11th, 2012

Ian Austin took hundreds of photos on the Jeepney Projects trip to the Philippines last year. Here are a few favorites of our favorite bird… More…

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The Artist’s Studio

by Ian Austin on June 27th, 2012

Exciting developments in the studio of David Tomb. David’s Philippine Bird Art is on a radical adventure, departing from the initial studies and exquisite compositions shown at previous exhibitions and entering the realm of stunning collages, combining the compositions with swirling water color backdrops and draped vegetation. A veritable jungle is growing in the studio! Don’t miss the next show… More…

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The Relevant Art of Bruno Liljefors

by David Tomb on June 17th, 2012

I discovered the work of Bruno Liljefors (1860 – 1939) in a 1978 article, Liljefors of Sweden: the peerless eye, in Audubon magazine written by Martha Hill. Thanks to Martha Hill for re-introducing his work here in the US. Unfortunately, his work is still under the radar to many natural history artists and illustrators. This is lamentable because his work is a much higher caliber and more sophisticated, in my opinion, than… More…

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Jeepney Goes High Brow!

by Jeepney Projects on May 29th, 2012

We are thrilled to announce that the original study of the Palawan Peacock – Pheasant drawn at the Museum of Vertebrate at UC Berkeley has a permanent home in the collections of the Huntington Library in San Marino, California. Besides the spectacular botanical gardens this world class museum has in its holdings… More…

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