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We are 100% volunteer run. Your donations go directly toward helping to save these birds and their habitats from further demise.

Buy a Benefit Print (they make a fabulous gift!) 

Resplendent Quetzal

All profits are passed along to support the endangered animals and their habitat. Visit the JPW Store and see our limited-edition archival benefit prints. Printed with state-of-the-art techniques with eye-popping colors on archival paper, these images created by artist David Tomb will beautify any dining room, foyer, board room or wood shop. On a more serious note it is truly amazing how much can be achieved with the sale of just one print. In both Mexico and the Philippines, money goes much further than it would here in the United States.
 Choose from four available signed and numbered prints, two that benefit the El Triunfo Reserve, and two that benefit the Philippine Eagle Foundation. And don’t miss the very limited pochoir prints!

Our bestselling set of 7 assorted greeting cards starts at just $20.00.

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