Field Notes from Dr. Bo

by Jeepney Projects on August 12th, 2011
Dr. Bo Puentespina, DVM

Dr. Bo Puentespina, DVM; photo by Dave Quitoriano

Hi David,

The video docu we made on the Philippine eagle has been accepted for airing on our Knowledge Channel, a cable TV affiliate of ABSCBN network. Im attaching here a film clip… [see below]

The amputee eagle I was working on is OK.  Can’t fly, but can manage to get up and down in holding cage.
I have also been able to do [a] long distance guide [with] another Vet to treat a Phil Eagle in Samar island. Talk about phone technology. …

The Malagos bird show featuring Climate Change is getting good reviews and attendance.

We did the sucessful 2nd Malagos Farm Fair last weekend (Aug 6-7, 2011). It’s like a country fair theme event. Do check out our Malagos Garden Resort facebook page. [theme: Responsible and Efficient Farming Systems]

The hornbills have stopped breeding after 10 months. Wow, its unusual and scientifically intriguing.

A land development company hopefully will support us on our microhabitat preservation and eventual release of hornbills concept. I hope they help us little funding.

Im excited to see your works!!.

Well this is all for now our side of the globe.

Best regards,

Dr. Bo

Trailer – The Philippine Eagle, A Wildlife Conservation Odyssey