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Artist & Birder & Conservationist

by Jeepney Projects on December 4th, 2013

Ilana DeBare, Golden Gate Birder, Golden Gate Audubon Society, November, 2013 . David Tomb’s two childhood loves were art and birds. As an adult, he’s brought them together — in a way that supports international bird conservation. Tomb — a San Francisco painter and collage artist — currently has a show at the San Francisco Public Library… More…

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Last Chance for the World’s Rarest Eagle

by Jeepney Projects on July 23rd, 2012

George Oxford Miller, Living Bird Magazine, Spring 2012. George writes about his experiences in Mindanao, Philippines, to search for the Philippine Eagle; along with artist and Jeepney Projects Worldwide co-founder David Tomb. Eleven hours of waiting, watching. Yesterday we sat for six hours on a bamboo bench in an intermittent drizzle and scanned a distant slope hoping… More…

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The Plight of the Philippine Eagle

by Jeepney Projects on May 21st, 2012

Mount Diablo Audubon Society’s the Quail, Volume 57, Number 8, May 2012 – David Tomb and Ian Austin were half of a group who made a trip to Mindanao in southern Philippines in January 2010 to look for the magnificent and critically endangered Philippine Eagle. While seeking out the eagle and viewing its rapidly diminishing rainforest habitat was… More…

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Birding Inspires Painter to Save Eagles through Art

by Jeepney Projects on February 18th, 2012

Daisy Yuhas,, 2/15/12 – It was a moment that changed everything. David Tomb had journeyed nearly 7,000 miles to see this bird —the holy grail of birding— and when finally face-to-face he discovered a creature that was majestic, leonine, and incredibly vulnerable… More…

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Bird Nerds

by Jeepney Projects on February 1st, 2012

Logan Link, Marin Magazine, Feb. 2012 – Artist and self-described “bird nerd” has partnered with fellow Marinites Peter Barto and Howard Flax to create Jeepney Projects Worldwide, a non-profit that aims to raise awareness and ensure the survival of endangered species… More…

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David Tomb: The Art of Saving the Great Philippine Eagle

by Jeepney Projects on January 23rd, 2012

John Seed, Huffington Post, 1/23/11 – While growing up on an Oakland hillside, artist David Tomb — his last name is pronounced “Tom” as in “Tom Sawyer” — was interested in both art and birds. “I’m not sure which interest came first,” he muses. The home where Tomb grew up was filled with landscape paintings by his grandfather, the California Impressionist… More…

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Art in Action

by Jeepney Projects on December 26th, 2011

Charlottle Miller, San Francisco Arts Quarterly, 12/26/11 – Massive in size and striking in beauty, The Great Philippine Eagle, formerly known as the Monkey Eating Eagle, is Philippines’ national symbol. This critically endangered species is shrinking due to hunting, pollution, and habitat loss, however this icon caught the eye of Bay Area artist, David Tomb… More…

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San Marco goes to the birds

by Jeepney Projects on November 17th, 2011

Kalina Machlis, Dominican University’s, The Habit, Oct. 2011 – “Our job is to help tell the world about the eagle,” artist David Tomb says. “How great it is, how cool it is, how beautiful it is, but also, unfortunately, how rare it is. Now is the time to act to help save the eagle.”… More…

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David Tomb’s art of saving an eagle

by Jeepney Projects on October 20th, 2011

Marin Independent Journal, Paul Liberatore, 9/22/11 – FOR DEVOTED BIRD watchers, the Great Philippine Eagle is the holy grail of birds, an almost mythological creature they all have at the top of their life list.” Of the 10,000 birds in the world, it’s the most desired bird to see,” said artist David Tomb, whose watercolor paintings of the Philippine Eagle and other exotic birds are on exhibit through Oct. 29 in an installation at Dominican University of California in San Rafael… More…

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Birds on the Border

by Jeepney Projects on August 1st, 2011

Tucson Weekly, Allie Leach, July 14, 2011 – San Francisco-based artist David Tomb has loved birds since he was a young boy. “I grew up in Oakland, Calif., and had some friends who were bird-watchers,” he said. “So we used to go out and look for owls and hawks.” Tomb said he was also interested in art at the same age—so it’s no surprise that he became intrigued by bird artists. It’s also no surprise that winged creatures are the theme of his current exhibit, Borderland Birds, now showing at the Tucson Botanical Gardens’… More…

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