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Philippine Eagle

Philippine Eagle, by David Tomb

  • The Philippine Eagle, the national symbol of the Philippines and the biggest eagle in the world (tied with with the Harpy Eagle of South America). Our partner, the Philippine Eagle Foundation.
  • The Tufted Jay, a dazzling beauty found only in the deepest regions of Mexico’s Sierra Madre Occidential mountain range. Our partner, the Chara Pintas Reserve.
  • The Horned Guan, the disturbingly beautiful and rare turkey-like creature found only in the rain forests of south eastern Mexico and Guatemala. Our partner, the  El Triunfo Reserve.
Tufted Jays, by David Tomb

Tufted Jays, by David Tomb

All these birds are Endangered and suffer from habitat loss and destruction. Jeepney Projects are bird projects where we are helping the birds and their habitats by supporting our partners, the place/host organization. All of our partners work with their local communities and are involved in education, conservation and developing new sustainable practices.

Horned Guan

Horned Guan, by David Tomb

Why are birds are so inspiring for Jeepney Projects, you ask? Well, birds are the simply the coolest. Birds are descended from dinosaurs and can fly… Need more? From the tiny Marvellous Spatuletail hummingbird, to the colossal and imposing Southern Cassowary, to the otherworldly beauty of the Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise, the range of form and beauty is beyond compare. These feathered spirits deserve our love and care and ultimately we are the custodians of their future and survival.

Visit the JPW Store, where we offer artist David Tomb’s fine art prints from his original works of art to provide funds to Jeepney Projects that go toward the protection of the world’s great creatures.

We hope all this has you insanely inspired. Here’s what you can do to help.

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