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New, Hand-colored Antique Print

by Jeepney Projects on November 12th, 2014
Goldsmith Print

We’ve discovered a beautiful antique, hand-colored print. Find it and more great gifts in the Jeepney Store! This fascinating plate is from A History Of The Earth And Animated Nature by Oliver Goldsmith. Plate 50: “1. White Headed Sea Eagle 2. Great Harpy Eagle 3. Chilian Sea Eagle 4. Brazilian Caracara Eagle”. Oliver Goldsmith (1730-1774) was an Anglo-Irish novelist, playwright and poet. The first edition of A History Of The Earth And Animated Nature appeared in London in 1774… More…

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The Incredible Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

by Ian Austin on October 28th, 2014
The tiny Orange-collared Manakin feat

The Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula is a spectacular lowland primary rainforest, considered one of the finest parks in Costa Rica and a world-class biodiversity hotspot. Southwest Costa Rica, and neighboring Panama, provide habitat for numerous endemic and endangered animal and plant species. Jeepney’s science guy Ian Austin visited the Osa Peninsula and the nearby Las Cruces Biological Station on the Pacific slope close to Panama earlier this year… More…

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On the Road Again

by Jeepney Projects on August 5th, 2014

Jeepney Projects’ own David Tomb will soon be heading out to the wilds of Indonesia with birder pal Brian Coleman of Britain and Untu Baware of the Papua Bird Club to see what he can find! Waigeo, Halmahera and Sulawesi are just a few of the exotic locales he’ll be investigating. Birds of Paradise, Pittas, 17 (yes, 17) species of kingfishers and Tarsiers are just some of the amazing critters he hopes to find. David will also check in on local community and conservation efforts on… More…

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Birdy PA

by Jeepney Projects on July 1st, 2014

From David’s show in Indiana, PA this spring, here’s a photographic recap of his highlights… More…

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Road to Zanzibar

by Peter Barto on February 16th, 2014
National Park box,feat

The last leg of my U.A.E.-Kenya-Tanzania trek put me on the Road to Zanzibar! A spice-laden gem of a spot sprouting off the Tanzanian coast in the beautiful Indian Ocean, Zanzibar reigns large in tales of romance and high adventure. Besides wanting to soak up the atmosphere of this great cultural crossroads, I fantasized of being the first to rediscover the near-mythic (and now, sadly, extinct) Zanzibar leopard (Panthera pardus adersi) while prowling through the island’s remaining jungle. If nothing else, I wanted to see… More…

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Finding a Bridge in Kenya

by Peter Barto on November 24th, 2013
Kenya, Daraja Academy, feat

Peter visits Kenya and returns with stories to tell – The second leg of our journey brought us to a place I had dreamed of since very young – Kenya! Between a steady diet of National Geographic and Wild Kingdom programming, tales of Stanley and Livingstone, and the great Beryl Markham book, “West with the Night”, I was extremely dialed in to finally experience this amazing part of the world. Landing in Nairobi at night kept me from seeing trees full of nesting Marabou Stork, but morning revealed these incredible birds and… More…

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Golden Gate Audubon Society Interviews David Tomb

by Jeepney Projects on November 14th, 2013
David working

The Golden Gate Birder has published an interview with Jeepney Projects Co-Founder David Tomb. Ilana DeBare, a former business reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle and now the Communications Director at the Golden Gate Audubon Society, visited David in his studio. She took some great photos and put together a great story. Check it out!… More…

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Desert Birding

by Peter Barto on September 10th, 2013
Ras1, feat

Ah, the beginning of a new adventure! Always an exciting time. The first part of my trek involved a couple of days spent in the United Arab Emirates, in the city (and emirate) of Dubai. Located in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula and along the shores of the Arabian/Persian Gulf, Dubai is an interesting story – it’s incredible growth over the last few decades is well-documented, as well as its amazing, and quite manufactured, displays of prosperity… More…

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New Project, The Tufted Jay

by David Tomb on June 30th, 2013
tufted jay-featured

Jeepney Projects Worldwide is excited to announce our partnership with the Reserva Chara Pinta (Tufted Jay Reserve). We are fundraising with a benefit fine art print project for the reserve and ejido (collective) El Palmito. The reserve is home to many fantastic birds such as Red Warblers, Red-headed Tanagers, Mountain Trogons, rare Eared Quetzals, and occasionally Wintering Thick-billed Parrots. The star of the region is the strikingly and charismatic Tufted Jay… More…

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As Featured on the Radio, “Palm Oil, a Perspective”

by Jeepney Projects on April 17th, 2013
Ian Austin

Jeepney Project’s Ian Austin, featured on KQED Public Radio. In Borneo, he saw the devastation wrought by a common food product. As an environmental engineer, Ian shares his insights… More…

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